APART YET TOGETHER ~ Valentine’s Day for LDRs


Ciao everyone!!!! ITS THE TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN!! 

Let’s face it! This is the time of the year is when we actually feel like love is in the air and all of us would want to be with the person we love. Wouldn’t it be lovely to arrange a romantic candle light dinner at your apartment, dressed in nice body con dress that flatters you (black is in my mind) and red pumps, decorated table, wine and movie and …….. the list would go on and on.

But the harsh reality for LDR couples (those who are not travelling to be with their loved one on this occasion) is we are ALONE!!! Chatting on Skype, Whatapp messages, be on line on social network sites wouldn’t be much of a help when your mind keep screaming “I WANT HIM!!! I MISS HIM!!!!” , even though it sort of eases the pain.

Keeping this in mind, I have come up with a few ideas on ‘How to Survive 24 Hours of THE Day’ – based on my experience as I am away from my boyfriend who is currently working in Austria.



Just to get over the crappy feeling that I will be alone on Valentine’s day which pretty much makes me upset, I have decided to take a short trip to visit some family and friends (who doesn’t have any prior plans for THE day). Travelling would actually help to distract your mind as you would be exploring new places and trying new things out. It doesn’t necessarily have to be somewhere far away, a quick escape to the nearest island you have not been to would be ideal and wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket too. You can either do it with fellow friends or take this opportunity to get over the fear of travelling alone, but either way always remember to be safe 🙂



YES! Why not take this time of the year to make a gift for your loved ones? Spend sometime thinking of something creative than the usual flower bouquets, chocolates and teddy bears that costs a fortune during the ‘love season’, make your imagination come true and trust me he/she would love it more! Besides, it would be a great way to show that you are actually putting an effort to make that someone special happy! 

P/S: I am making our to-date LOVE JOURNEY Book which consist of our conversation since the day we met up till today which is an idea. Highlight important events throughout the conversation e.g when he asked you out again after your first meeting, your first fight, when he/she said ‘I LOVE YOU’ for the very first time, when you planned for your next visit etc etc. I am sure there are tons of exciting moments you can think of! You can either write those specific occasions out or print the conversations you guys have had so far to make it to a book form. Don’t be surprised with the amount of pages you can actually print!!!! ^_^ It would be a great way to remind you of some of the special things forgotten through out the year too and it will make your love blossom even stronger and it would definitely put a huge smile on your face! 😀



Valentine’s day is a day of love and it doesn’t restrict us that on this day love can only be conveyed to the man/woman in our life. Why not take this chance to show love and care to family and friends too? Head out to the cinema, catch up for a good lunch or plan a fun day at the beach, it would not only help you to feel better, it would also strengthen your relationship with your friends! Don’t forget to snap the moments!!! 



Take time to make yourself look good. Looking good doesn’t mean spending a fortune on new clothes, make up or hair do. It can be as easy as making that home-made facial mask you have been reading about from the ingredients available right in your kitchen. 100 % natural ingredients work way much better that those chemical products so why not give it a shot?! and by the time V day is over, you know you have done some good things to make yourself feel and look better and be sure to share the secret upon inquiry 😉



Take this time to stay home, grab a few books from the local book store and start educating yourself on things that you are not aware of. In today’s time, relying only on good looks doesn’t do much help. Be a well-rounded person and it would definitely make you even more impressive than you already are! Not a book kind of person? Grab  educational DVDs on travel or history. Learn more about his/her culture in that sense and perhaps when the next time you guys meet, you can ‘show off’ that information which would gain you extra credits for sure 🙂

Well, I  hope that this little piece of information and ideas would help you to get through THE day in a fun way.

Always remember “Distance isn’t for the fearful, it’s for the bold, it’s for those who willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love, it’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even though they don’t see it nearly enough ~ Anonymous



Golden Rules of Long Distance Relationship – Based on true story

Hello everyone!

Today is the day that iam writing my first blog ever since i have created an account with WordPress. I would like my first post to be dedicated to the biggest thing happening in my life right now which is LDR (Long Distance Relationship) *I am sighing while I am putting this fact into words*

In today’s very high technology era, LDR doesn’t seem like much of a concern among couples who are actually living with it, just like I am too. Why should I be concern? I have access to the internet 24/7 via my smartphone and having whatsapp, cacao talk and viber are like icing on the cake (God bless these awesome free apps), communication should never be a problem! Long gone those times when our previous generation used snail mails and telegram to send love letters and greeting cards where they would have most probably been waiting for months to receive  response but despite that, there has been some real touching, corny and cheesy LDR relationships back then I am very sure.

I have been in a Long Distance Relationship for almost a year now. Never though I would ever be but yes! I am now. I am in Malaysia, working and living here while he is from Udine, Italy currently working in Austria. It has not been easy but I’d without a doubt say its worth it. Of all man in Malaysia, I found my love in Italy, the country where Love and Fashion blends ^_^. I would love to share some experience and things I have learned through out my love journey so far and I have come up with 3 IMPORTANT RULES OF SURVIVING LDR, its tested and proved to be effective on me 😉

The no.1 key to an effective relationship is #Communication. It is very important that one say out whatever you feel and the other has the time and patience to listen to it. Lack of communication causes sooooooo many damages in relationship. Words left unsaid causes doubts crawling in and that’s the end of that relationship. As for me, I never actually have much time to communicate with my Mr BF due to the time difference and his hectic schedule. People always say ” If a man loves a woman, he will always know how to make time for her, not excuses instead” but how far is it practical? Like I have my own life, I am sure he does too. Isn’t that is what love is all about? To understand and accept each other? But we do communicate at every chance we get. Sharing simple love quotes with each other everyday for example, its all those small little things that shows you appreciate your partner and helps each other going.

Moving on the next rule will be #Dont Be Greedy! Yes! He just came down to visit you 2 months ago and the next thing he knows, the moment he walks through the gate at the airport, you post up “I MISS YOU” as your facebook status. I have done it and trust me it doesn’t help. Always keep in mind, he has travelled all the way for you (as for my case, he lives in Italy and I am in Malaysia) and instead of posting all sad comments, why not something that would make him feel like its worth the travel? “Awesome time spent together, hope the next time it will be me who travels to be in your arms” for an example. He would be smiling away instead of feeling sad just like you are. Remember, man are also human even though they are not good at showing emotions, they DO have it. Always be the one who shows him the positive side of things 🙂

TISK! He will love the enthusiasm.

Rule No.3 will be #Keep faith and dont ever doubt. I am sure if you ask those woman who have endured LDR, majority of them if not all will say they have had experienced having doubt on their partners which is completely understandable. Distance = Loneliness = “He might be cheating on me” theory will come into play at some point. This is when you need faith. A small amount of faith, small as a seed could lift a mountain is not said just for the sake of saying, it is true. When you love someone, learn to keep faith on them and remember the power of mind is limitless. When you keep imagining something, it will reflect in your actions and behaviour so always practise positive thinking.

LDR is not for the weak who cant endure distance, its for those who found the perfect person in a not so perfect situation and thinks its worth every challenge to have him/her and its worth fighting every battle for that person.

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope this experience that I have shared with you will help you in a way especially for those who are in the same boat with me – Living with LDR and Loving it!